Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How is your jewelry designed

In this blog i wanted to tell how my jewelry is made, what goes into the process, what do we do at JN Jewels.

Where my design starts?

 It starts with identifying and recognizing every beauty around me. It’s my desire that pushes my limits to create a new and exquisite piece every time. It’s all about challenging myself on what I could do to make my designs stand out, what is my client’s desire? My clients are people looking for fine jewelry and then there are the clients that are looking for an exquisite, fun and edgy piece of jewelry. I am happy that I could satisfy every one of them. Designing fine jewelry is something that I have been doing for more than a decade, but with changing trends people are always looking for something cool, unique, a piece that can make a statement.

I keep my mind open for any kind of ideas that pop in.  It always starts with some inspiration, that comes out of a chat with a friend or something that I see around. This little inspiration would transform into a sketch that I doodle which becomes a clear idea later.

When my idea and sketch is ready I explain it to my CAD team who does the Computer aided design. Here the three dimensional model of the design is created. The below image shows how a 3D model is generated using with the help of a sketch.

After a 3D model we come up with different digital rendered images to see how it looks.

At his stage, if it’s a custom piece we send the digital images for my client’s approval.
What next? The 3D model is then sent for Wax printing using rapid prototyping, the exact 1:1 scale of the piece is made.

The final gorgeous piece is ready!

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