Monday, September 1, 2014

Body Chains - A trend to try

       Body chains have definitely made a comeback this season. It is one of the must have accessory this summer. Body chains are a favorite accessory among famous celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé.  It is not just famous for its beach or street look but also seen at red-carpet events. Let’s see some of the red-carpet looks.

     Each celebrity had their own style, Miley Cyrus wore it with a white blazer, and Rihanna with her deep V-neck dress, Melanie Fiona with her black jump suit. People have ideas that body chain is preferred only for a beach look but it need not be restricted that way. Celebrities have taken this style further wearing this with a summer dress. Whether you are a person who want to show off some skin or don’t body chain can be a right accessory for you both ways.  Let me show some ideas on how it can be worn.

      Use it over a simple tank top or pair it with a short jacket, it also creates a perfect accent over a strapless dress like the one I have shown. It never fails on a chopped top with chain peeping out.  Body chains give a touch of sex appeal to your look. It’s edgy and gives a sexy look when styled with a sheer material.

    It can be worn many ways and looks best on every style. At jnjewels, we have whole new collection of body chains for this season and we customize it however you want to wear them.

   Our Models wearing JN Jewels Body chain and latest swimwear lines by Dolcessa and Gretchen Rossi at the “Splash into summer” event held at W Scottsdale.

To shop these accessories visit us at and look for "Kiska"- Pink Silver Collections.

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